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Manuel Font Rodríguez

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Manuel Font is a distinguished professional in the field of multimedia engineering, with experience in software development and accessible applications, as well as being a passionate cryptocurrency investor. He obtained his Degree in Multimedia Engineering from the University of Alicante, acquiring solid knowledge and skills in multimedia technology and software development.


Degree in Multimedia Engineering


Software, cryptocurrencies, and trading

Special Skill

Project Development

Software Engineer

Between 2020 and 2022, Manuel worked as a software engineer at a media solutions company, where he gained practical experience in the development and design of multimedia applications and communication systems.

OMU - Sign Language Interpretation Application

In 2019, Manuel created OMU, an innovative web application for voice to Spanish sign language interpretation service for the deaf, using a virtual interpreter. OMU was the first sign language interpreter to offer services both in-person and through online video calls. For this project, Manuel received the 'Accessibility Award' at the Impulso 2020 Awards.

Participation in Hackathons

Manuel has participated in various hackathons, where he has demonstrated his ability to develop creative and innovative solutions under pressure and has been awarded on several occasions.

Expert in Programming and Databases

Manuel has extensive knowledge in programming languages, SQL and NoSQL databases, and artificial intelligence, making him an expert in the field of software and application development.

Cryptocurrency Investor

Since 2016, Manuel has been investing in cryptocurrencies, demonstrating his interest and ability to identify opportunities in the digital financial markets. His multifaceted experience and specialized skills make him a valuable member of our team.