Dividend Calendar of S&P/CLX IPSA in 2024

S&P/CLX IPSA dividend calendar for 2024

Below is the calendar of upcoming dividends for the S&P/CLX IPSA companies
Company Ex-Dividend Date Payment Date Amount Div. % Confirmed
Updated: Jun 13, 2024, 8:00:27 PM (UTC) See complete calendar

S&P/CLX IPSA companies

Company Div. % CAGR 3 Years Price


The S&P/CLX IPSA is the premier index of the Santiago Stock Exchange, representing the Chilean stock market. This index showcases the performance of the top 30 most significant and frequently traded companies in Chile, serving as a key indicator for the nation's economic health. Established in 1980, the S&P/CLX IPSA provides investors and analysts with a comprehensive view of the market dynamics in Chile.

A detailed analysis of the S&P/CLX IPSA reveals that the best dividend investment opportunities are offered by N/A, with an impressive N/A, followed by N/A, N/A, N/A, and N/A, with yields ranging from N/A to N/A.